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Our larger branch in Birmingham are the first Volvo dealership in the UK to become carbon neutral. This was achieved in conjunction with BP's Target Neutral programme that survey how much CO2 our business produces, then we invest a proportional amount of money that goes into projects around the world that reduce CO2 emissions. Some of these projects include: Investing in new kilns that use renewable biomass residuals in Brazil; Giving efficient cooking apparatus in deprived areas in Mexico reducing the amount of wood being burnt and many more. Click here to learn more

"Volvo Birmingham (Paul Rigby Ltd) is the first Volvo dealer in Great Britain to become a member of the new Castrol Carbon Offsetting Program supported by BP Target Neutral. The company was aware of the problems of climate change and wanted to offer customers a way to tackle the CO2 emissions of their car transport. The Castrol Carbon Offsetting program means that Volvo customers who buy a car from Paul Rigby will be compensated by the company for the CO2 emissions of their first 10,000 miles (or 16,000 km) through Castrol.

In addition, Paul Rigby also compensates for the CO2 emissions of his personnel, demonstration and replacement cars to show how easy it is to take action against climate change. The program is expected to offset around 900 tonnes of CO2 per year and the proceeds will be used to support BP Target Neutral projects around the world that reduce CO2 levels worldwide" - BP Target neutral


Stourbridge News: Volvo retailer Paul Rigby Stourbridge, In the West Midlands, has joined forces with Refill - a campaign that aims to prevent plastic pollution by making it easier for people to reuse and refill their bottle instead of buying a new one.

The retailer is now listed as a filling station on the Refill app, which enables people to search for nearby places where they can refill their reusable bottles for free. To download the app and find out more go to

Andy Kirkham, general sales manager at Paul Rigby Stourbridge, said: “Reducing the amount of plastic that ends up in our oceans is incredibly important to us.

“Our aim is to remove all single-use plastic from our showroom and find ways to encourage everyone to play their part in reducing plastic pollution. Joining forces with Refill is just one of the ways we can work towards this goal

“We look forward to becoming a very different kind of motor-related filling station, by inviting lots of people into our showroom to top up their reusable water bottles and help us tackle the fight against plastic pollution.”

James Watt, regional Refill coordinator, added: “It’s great to see businesses like Paul Rigby Stourbridge getting behind the Refill Revolution as well as looking more widely at the positive actions they can take to remove single-use plastic from their showroom.

“We’re sure they can be an inspiration to other car retailers and lead the way as an example of how to reduce their plastic consumption and also help customers fill their up their reusable water bottles for free.”

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