Volvo Hybrid, which hybrid car is right for you?

A Volvo hybrid can guarantee you smoother and more efficient driving. This page explains the differences between Volvo hybrid cars available.

There are two main types: Mild Hybrid & Plug-in hybrid.

Volvo Plug-In Hybrid

Choosing a plug-in hybrid means that you experience the benefits of Electric with the backup of a traditional combustion engine. These vehicles can be charged by plugging in or by regenerative braking while driving. There's no need to worry about how far the battery will take you, with up to 700 miles combined range.

A selection of drive modes allows you to choose the engine use. Pure mode runs solely on electric power, for up to 30 miles. The hybrid mode allows the twin-engine to optimise. Switching between is seamless, being accessible in the drive modes.

Minimum emissions are created as petrol and electric components are balanced to provide maximum efficiency. Power mode gives the most high-performance drive, utilising the electric element to assist the engine in achieving up to 390 hp.

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Volvo Hybrid S90

Volvo Mild Hybrid

Our second form of hybrid recognised by a 'B' badge. Mild hybrids are different from plug-in hybrids in a few key areas. Firstly, they do not need to be plugged in, instead being recharged from regenerative braking. They are powered by a traditional engine supported by a small electric motor.

Overall this makes the vehicle 15% more fuel-efficient and reduces emissions by 15%. The assistance from the electric motor also supports the engine in times of strain, this provides a smoother drive overall. If you are looking for a more efficient, electrified vehicle without a lifestyle change this is the vehicle for you.

If you are interested in going all-electric you can learn more about our Volvo Electric car offerings here

Volvo hybrid XC40

Benefits of hybrid driving

There are a few fundamental benefits to hybrid driving. These include increased fuel efficiency and reduced levels of pollution. However, there are also some other benefits to experience from owning a hybrid vehicle. Longer-lasting brakes are a key benefit, the regenerative braking allows for less intensive use of brake pads.

Having an electric battery to support the vehicle also means that electric elements of the car can be powered by this. The vehicle will no longer have to idle with the combustion engine as the electric motor can power these areas. This also reduces the wear on car parts incurring less maintenance cost.

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