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The MG Cyberster at Paul Rigby MG

We were fortunate enough to host the MG Cyberster at our dealership in Redditch.

See our video from the evening & learn more about the Cyberster below. If you would like to speak to us about this vehicle please enquire now, or contact us.

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MG Cyberster Price, Specs & Release Date

Although not fully confirmed yet, below is what is expected.

  • 0-60mph in under 3.0 seconds
  • There will be a Trophy & GT Trim Level option available
  • Dual-motor version could have around 500hp
  • Expected to cost from £54,995
  • All-electric convertible sports car
  • Release date expected mid 2024

The MG Cyberster will be the next addition to the line up of MG cars. This unique looking fully electric sports car is a nod to MG's history of sports car design.

MG Cyberster Trim Level Options & Statistics

The all-new MG Cyberster will be available in two trim levels - Trophy & GT, below are some statistics for both trim levels.

MG Cyberster TrophyMG Cyberster GT
Starting Price £54,995 £59,995
0-60 Time 5.0 Seconds 3.2 Seconds
BHP 340PS 503PS
Torque 475Nm 725Nm

A Glimpse into MG's Future: The All-Electric Cyberster

An all-electric open-top roadster that seamlessly blends classic sports car proportions with cutting-edge electric technology.

Designed in London by SAIC's advanced design studio, the MG Cyberster isn't just a car; it's a statement of MG's resurgence and its commitment to innovation.

Carl Gotham, head of SAIC's advanced design studio, shared the vision behind their creation stating, "This is a big moment for MG, so it has to make a big impression. We wanted something that was going to stand out. Something that wasn't too meek or demure."


Striking Interior, and exterior

One of the most striking features of the MG Cyberster is its electric-powered folding roof, which complements the open-two-seater design. This feature adds a touch of modern convenience and enhances the car's sleek, aerodynamic profile.

By eschewing a traditional combustion engine in the front, MG engineers have created a wide and spacious cabin, ensuring that the driver and passenger have a comfortable experience on the open road.

mg cyberster interior

MG Cyberster Interior

The Cyberster cabin includes a centre tunnel area with cupholders, storage and a comfortable arm rest.

Between the dash and tunnel sit controls for operating the butterfly doors and folding soft top. Images from our event feature, to give an impression of the interior in person.

Electric Powertrain - MG Cyberster Range

Underneath it all, the MG Cyberster employs an intelligent all-electric architecture, featuring a 'skateboard' chassis layout that houses the batteries.

This not only optimizes weight distribution for improved handling but also contributes to the vehicle's impressive range—an estimated 800 kilometres (500 miles) on a single charge.

When you plant your foot on the accelerator, this electric roadster doesn't disappoint, clocking a 0-60mph time of less than three seconds.

For full information on range click here

MG Cyberster Side Angle

Design Ethos

What truly sets the MG Cyberster apart is its design ethos. It pays homage to traditional British sports cars with its long bonnet and short rear deck, evoking a sense of nostalgia for classic automotive enthusiasts. However, these elements are seamlessly integrated into a contemporary style that embraces the future of electric mobility.

Gotham explains, "This is an electric car, but we didn't want to feel too attached to the technology, so as not to feel too stark or too cold. We wanted this car to feel a little more passionate."

The MG Cyberster isn't just about pushing boundaries in electric vehicle technology; it's also about celebrating MG's rich heritage. It's a bridge between the brand's storied past and an electrified future, showcasing how tradition and innovation can coexist harmoniously in the automotive world.

As MG continues to gain traction in the UK and beyond, the Cyberster serves as a symbol of the brand's revival and commitment to sustainability. It's a car that captures the essence of MG's legacy while propelling it into a new era.