Do you work in the Public Sector?

This includes NHS, Police, Fire, Teachers, Armed Forces and anyone else employed in the public sector.

This offer is also now extended to Local Businesses that have more than 150 employees!

If so then take a look at the fantastic savings that can be had when buying a New MG from Paul Rigby. You'll also get your choice of colour free of charge!

MG3Excite Manual £1,935.20 £10,259.80Enquire Now
MG3Exclusive Nav Manual £2,996.56£10,498.44Enquire Now
NEW MG ZSExcite Automatic £2,924.59 £15,070.41Enquire Now
NEW MG ZSExclusive Automatic £3,315.60 £16,979.40Enquire Now
NEW MG ZSExcite 1.5 Manual £2,554.85£12,940.15
Enquire Now
NEW MG ZSExclusive 1.5 Manual £2,945.85 £14,849.15Enquire Now
ZS EVExcite Electric - Automatic £7,801.62£20,693.38Enquire Now
ZS EVExclusive Electric - Automatic £8,533.83£22,461.17Enquire Now
MG HSExcite Manual £3,838.67 £17,156.33Enquire Now
MG HSExclusive Manual £4,540.71£18,954.29Enquire Now
MG HSExcite Automatic £4,488.43 £18,006.57Enquire Now
MG HSExclusive Automatic £5,013.44 £19,981.56
Enquire Now
MG 5 EVExcite Electric - Automatic £7,631.37£19,863.63Enquire Now
MG 5 EVExclusive Electric - Automatic £8,353.82£21,641.18
Enquire Now
MG HS PHEVExcite Hybrid Petrol - Automatic £5,056.39 £24,938.61Enquire Now
MG HS PHEVExclusive Hybrid Petrol - Automatic £6,803.83 £26,691.17Enquire Now

More about This Scheme?

This offer is available to all staff and immediate family (partners & children).

A form of ID will be required (wage slip/ staff ID card)

Terms may not be used in conjunction with any other MG offers.

Finance can be arranged via MG Motor Financial Services on either 4.9% APR PCP or Conditional Sale.

Saving on Electric models includes £3,000 Government Plug in Grant

Savings are applicable to cars ordered and registered between 1st January 2021 and 31st March 2021.