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If you've been to our showroom recently you may have noticed a change on our signage. After a year of running our Hyundai location in Bromsgrove, we have officially become Paul Rigby Hyundai Bromsgrove.

Learn more about us below, or for further information feel free to drop into our dealership.

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Where It All Began

A year ago we acquired the Hyundai dealership formally known as Neales Garage. Throughout this year we have enjoyed taking on the site, and learning more about the Bromsgrove community.

Our Hyundai dealership is located on the corner of Bromsgrove's main high-street. Neales Garage was historically known for it's high level of customer service, and it's friendly team in Service & Sales. Throughout this year we have made our best efforts to match this, and build upon it.

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We at Paul Rigby Group don't intended of changing this anytime soon, in fact we are pushing to continue and improve upon what is already a fantastic dealership and we are always looking to live up to our customers expectations wherever and when ever we can.

We understand that maintaining and improving customer service and the overall experience is important, from the moment you step foot into our dealership all the way up until the moment you leave, we want you to feel like your needs and requirements have been met no matter the query or question. This is something we are set on since we first completed our move.

Paul Rigby Hyundai Bromsgrove

Our Values & Expectations

As some people may already know, we are a family run group and always try to instil our values in every area of our dealerships. We understand this change in ownership may be confusing for some but we aim to make this as seamless as possible. You will still receive the fantastic customer service you have come to expect from Hyundai Bromsgrove and we encourage you to come by whenever you can to say hello!

Other than the name on the side of the building, not much visually has changed. Feel free to pop down as you normally would, you may even see some familiar faces when you visit! We will still be providing that fantastic customer service and we aim to do our best in helping you where ever we can, from an enquiry on a car all the way to a question on a part you may be looking for, we are here to help how ever we can.

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