Paul Rigby Group - Our Efforts In Becoming A More Sustainable Business

Sustainability is becoming more and more of a talking factor when it comes to cars and the process behind the production of them that contributes towards the environment.

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Charging A Car

Plenty of businesses and company's are taking the necessary steps to be more mindful of how their business is contributing towards the efforts to be more environmentally friendly, we at Paul Rigby Group are no different.

Volvo themselves are known for and are one of the leading car manufactures in reducing their carbon footprint and are constantly working towards being a more sustainable company. They are setting goals for the future that directly impact how they run their business and the ways it contributes towards a more environmentally friendly future. 'We want to be climate neutral by 2040' and stating that 'its the biggest challenge we've ever faced' stating that 'we’re part of the problem. So it’s our responsibility to change what we do and how we do it. Let’s all be part of the solution' shows they are serious about making a change for the better.

Our Efforts

We here at Paul Rigby Group are taking our steps towards contributing to a more sustainable future, we believe that we can all take our own initiative to work towards a cleaner future, we all have to take responsibility as one and as a business. We have multiple dealerships located in Birmingham, Stourbridge, Redditch and Bromsgrove which gives us plenty of opportunity to do our bit for a more sustainable future.

  • Charing Points
  • Recycled Waste
  • Battery Disposal & Recycling
  • Carbon Neutral Energy
  • Oil Is Recycled
  • Employee Company Cars
  • Unnecessary Commuting

Our Contribution

So, what exactly are we doing to play our part in a more sustainable future? Well...

Charging Points

In all of our dealerships we have multiple charging points set up allowing for customers to charge their Plug-In Hybrid car or fully electric car free of charge! We also have one DC Rapid Chargers each at our Volvo and MG dealerships allowing for customers to fast charge their fully electric cars at their leisure. The DC Rapid Chargers charge at a rate of up to 170Kw while the smaller ones allow charging up to 20Kw.

Waste Is Recycled

Like any dealership or large business, we throw out a lot of waste and rubbish but being mindful of this, we take steps to ensure it is better disposed of. Where we can, we recycle what we throw away so that it can be used again for another purpose. Inside our dealership we have paper and plastic recycling bins allowing staff and customers to throw away items they are finished with and allowing them to be recycled and reused in the future.

Battery Disposal & Recycling

With our brands selling Plug-In Hybrid and fully electric cars we know that disposal of an electric cars battery isn't the simplest of of tasks, but we have taken the time to educate our staff on the recommended steps to suggest to customers ways that these batteries can be disposed of correctly and safely. Not all batteries can be efficiently recycled but where possible we do our upmost to ensure ourselves, our staff and our customers are aware of the battery recycling options they have available to them and we are on hand to answer any questions regarding this subject.

Recycle Paper

Carbon Neutral Energy

We ensure that the energy suppliers we use are ones who can provide us electricity that comes from carbon neutral sources, this is the same electricity that is used for all of our charging points around our group therefore providing our EV customers with carbon neutral electricity.

Oil Is Recycled

With our group operating a different number of service workshops we aim to be mindful of where and what we are disposing, oil is one of those. We ensure that any waste oil from our vehicles is recycled in the best and most efficient way where possible.

Employee Company Cars

Where possible, we supply our employees with PHEV (Plug-In Hybrid) or BEV (Electric Cars) over the conventional combustion engine option to help aid in lowing unnecessary emissions in and out of business hours. This also allows our staff to gain a better understanding of our electric vehicles allowing them to help answer and educate our customer exploring electric cars.

Unnecessary Commuting

As a dealership group who owns multiple sites, some of our staff are required too travel to and from various locations. To help in saving time and pollution to the environment we schedule video calls regularly to avoid having to travel via car or any other method of combustion engine travel, whether that be our staff within the group or those from within our brands.

Charging A Car