Paul Rigby Volvo Wins Volvo Personal Service Award 2022

In September of 2022 our Volvo dealership in Birmingham was awarded the Volvo Personal Service Award. The Volvo Personal Service Award is dedicated to our technicians who help to provide a fantastic customer experience that is personal to the customer and their Volvo, every time a customer brings their Volvo in for servicing a customer will deal with the same technician allowing the technician to get to know the customer but also their Volvo too.

The certificate reads "Paul Rigby Limited, Birmingham has fulfilled all of Volvo Cars certification criteria for becoming a Volvo Personal Service dealership. Volvo Personal Service is enabled by the groundbreaking Volvo Workshop System - The Volvo way of working in workshops worldwide - and plays an important role for increased customer satisfaction and long-term competitiveness for the Volvo brand."

We are proud to accept this award as this strengthens our ethos of serious about Volvo, passionate about customers as we always strive to meet customer expectations all while delivering a memorable Volvo experience for all.

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