Introducing The All-New MG3 Hybrid+

MG have confirmed a refresh of the simple but popular MG3 model. This was revealed at the 2024 Geneva Motor Show.

  • A New MG3 Hybrid+ Revealed At The Geneva Motor Show 2024
  • A Much Better MPG And Efficiency  ​
All-New MG3 Hybrid+

​The Geneva Motor Show 2024 is well underway with a plethora of new cars being shown and demonstrated to the public. One of them being the all-new MG3 Hybrid+.

The MG3 is a popular selling vehicle from MG, with it's simple, no hassle introduction to the car industry, this little hatchback had quite the appeal to car buyers. But now the nimble MG3 will undergo a design and performance refresh.

​The MG3 is set to be replaced by a more up-to-date version, this new updated model will come equipped with a 1.5L petrol engine paired with a 1.83kWh battery pack for pure electric driving. In addition to this, the new MG3 will have a 3-speed automatic gearbox aimed at providing faster and smoother overall acceleration.

Electric driving miles won't be one of the main reasons for buying this car but rather, MG claim a bigger improvement on efficiency. MG say you can expect to get up to 64mpg and emits around 100g/km of CO2 making this new rendition of the MG3 much cleaner than before. 

The All-New MG3 Hybrid

It's not just about design and performance when it comes to the all-new MG3 Hybrid+, you can expect to receive some of the more popular technology too. A 7" digital drivers display and a 10.25" touchscreen display for your infotainment system which is now more responsive than it's ever been.

These are just a couple of the more popular features taken from cars such as the more popular MG4 EV and carried across onto the all-new MG3 Hybrid+.

All-New MG3 Hybrid Interior