Volvo Apple Carplay: "Hey Siri" in your Volvo

We have issued a new over-the-air update on all new car Models. Apple Carplay and its functionalities in your Volvo.

With Apple Carplay, you will be able to access the smartphone integration system by plugging your phone into Volvo's USB. This gives you the ability to interact with your apps and features via the infotainment screen.

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What is new in Apple Carplay

The latest version of Apple CarPlay iOS 15 allows you to unlock and even start some car models with your iPhone. This clever feature also allows you to lend contacts a virtual key, so you can grant friends and family access to your car even if you’re not there to physically hand anything over.

How to Connect your Volvo to Apple Car Play

Using CarPlay is pretty effortless and it connects your iPhone (or iPad/iPod) to your car in an instant - simply plug it into the USB socket (although some car makers are now starting to offer wireless CarPlay connections), follow the brief on-screen instructions asking you to unlock your phone to permit CarPlay to access it, and you're ready to roll. And you only need to do this once - your iPhone will log the connection you've made to CarPlay on your car, so that the next time you connect, it will start working automatically.