Volvo Cars  - Model Year 24 News & Updates


With the introduction of Model Year 24, Volvo have released some updates regarding some of the new changes and updates to Model Year 24 cars. This article will explain all the important changes with the introduction of the new model year.

Colour Changes & Updates

Model Year 24 will introduce two new colours that are inspired by Scandinavian nature.

Vapour Grey

Vapor Grey is a solid effect metallic colour. This colour will be a light neutral grey with some hints of blue and green. It has a stunning light shimmer created by the addition of a small amount of aluminium flakes and will look almost solid if there is no sunlight. Vapour Grey has been inspired by the windswept Scandinavian limestone houses as well as the simple colours used in sports wear brands. This colour has a hazy and smoky expression but remains soft and bright. Vapour Grey will be available on all Model Year 24 40, 60 and 90 series cars.

Cloud Blue

Cloud Blue was inspired by the snowy landscapes, the cold winter air and the frozen sea covered with ice flows. This is considered a playful colour that will elevate the overall impression of the new Model Year 24 C40 & XC40. Cloud Blue will be available on Model Year 24 C40 & XC40 Recharge.

Black Stone - Removed

For Model Year 24, Volvo have made the decision to remove Black Stone from all cars ​and Thunder Grey being removed for 40 & 90 series cars. You will however still be able to get Thunder Grey for the 60 series cars.

volvo black stone colour

New Wheels & Tyre Updates

Model Year 24 will introduce a new set of wheels and all-season tyres to Plug-In Hybrid & Mild Hybrid XC cars

New 5 Spoke 19" Wheels

For the C40 & XC40 Recharge, the previous 5 double spoke 19" wheel is being replaced with a new 5 spoke 19" aero wheel. This new wheel exaggerates the bold electric car design whilst helping to improve the cars aerodynamic design which in turn means better efficiency and a longer range. These wheels are staggered wheels, this means that the rear wheels are wider than the front.

volvo model year 24 19" aero wheel

Recharge Tyres (All-Season Tyres)​

​For Model Year 24 Volvo are introducing the existing Recharge tyre Dimensions to Plug-In Hybrid & Mild Hybrid variants for all XC cars. With this super versatile tyres you're prepared for a variety of weather conditions all year round. These tyres will provide a fantastic traction, grip and braking performance whether the roads are dry and hot, or cool and wet. These tyres are designed to give you a comfortable ride in addition to a controlled drive even in challenging conditions, with outstanding longevity and optimised for fuel efficiency. The offer is different between wheel size/carline and markets.

Charging Time Improvements For Model Year 24 60 & 90 Series Plug-In Hybrid Cars

Our new generation of Plug-In Hybrid cars is a great contribution to enhanced electric range and even a more inspiring drive. This makes for a great combination between combustion engines and going fully electric. For Model Year 24 we will introduce a new, more powerful onboard charger going from the original 3.7kW single phase to 6.4kW two phase, Doing this shortens the AC charging times from around 5 hours to 3 hours at 16A 3-phase charging. In order to take advantage of this you will need to charge with a 3-phase charger. Most UK homes generally come with single phase electrics.

volvo xc60 t8 plugin hybrid

A New Single Motor Rear Wheel Drive Powertrain & Range Upgrade

A new generation of energy-efficient electric powertrain with a powerful 175kW motor will be introduced which will be rear-wheel drive (RWD). This will give a well balanced performance at all speeds in addition to help deliver a fun and responsive zero tailpipe emissions driving experience. Not only that, it will also deliver a smoother, linear power output therefore making for an exceptionally refined drive. The motor will drive the rear wheels through a shift-by-wire single speed transmission and therefore resulting in a seamless and smooth flow of power. The rear wheel drive option will also add to the cars agile driving characteristics.

C40 Recharge & XC40 Recharge Range Updates

The C40 Recharge and XC40 Recharge will also receive a range update*

C40 Recharge Single Motor Old Range/New Range: 272/297 (Miles)

C40 Recharge Twin Motor Old Range/New Range: 278/311 (Miles)

XC40 Recharge Single Motor Old Range/New Range: 264/286 (Miles)

XC40 Recharge Twin Motor Old Range/New Range: 270/312 (Miles)

*All ranges are given in WLTP and may differ between specification levels.