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LEVC VN5 Electric Van
Profound Past, Innovative Future Vehicles built with functionality and durability at their forefront With over a century of experience in challenging vehicle market that tests its products to their limits. Now we have a range of electrically driven vehicles, providing sustainable infrastructure for the future.
VN5 Electric Van
Sustained Performance, Guaranteed Since 1908 we've built a reputation for long term performance. The rigorous testing procedures our vehicles have been through allows to be confident in our warranty. With the VN5 we provide an industry leading warranty. Offering a 5 year vehicle warranty and an 8 year battery warranty. Test the VN5 for yourself, get in contact to book a test drive today.

Model Range

Sustainable Engineering That Has Stood The Test Of Time

For over a century, we’ve built a reputation with our customers for long-term performance. Every vehicle we’ve produced, every innovation we’ve introduced, has been engineered to last. Even the design of our iconic black cabs has stood the test of time.

VN5 Electric Van
TX Electric Taxi
TX Electric Shuttle

Our Service Department

At Paul Rigby Birmingham Service is our Specialty

At Paul Rigby Birmingham we run the largest Volvo service operation in the country. We have been servicing LEVC Vans and taxis since the dawn of both. Our specialist LEVC technicians are on hand to deal with any questions you may have and guide you through the process of vehicle ownership.


We'd be more than happy to answer any questions on our vehicles, please give us a call on 01213821222

Frequently asked questions below.​

VN5 Vehicle Warranty


What is the warranty available with the VN5?

The VN5 comes with a class leading vehicle warranty of 5 years/150,000-mile warranty. And a Battery warranty of 8 years/150,000-mile. An extended warranty is also available.

What are TX Owners Saying?


​What are owners saying about the TX?

Interviews have been conducted with TX owners, they can be found here: TX Owner Reviews

Servicing Availability


Is servicing regularly available to keep my vehicle at top efficiency?

We operate a large service operation in Birmingham and may be able to fit you in the next day. Call now to find out more about servicing

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