LEVC Van | The VN5 Electric Van Is Available Now

The VN5 Is An Electric Van Without Range Anxiety

We understand work can be unpredictable. With 300+ miles range, this electric van is ready to go at any time. Get the benefits of electric, without the downtime.

Refined from the iconic black cab, the VN5 is built for functionality, reliability and durability. This has been backed by our Industry leading battery and vehicle warranty. Read further to see key statistics on the VN5.

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Key Statistics For The LEVC VN5 Electric Van

Total Range 304 Miles
Charge Time0-100%
In under 30 minutes
Load Space Volume 5.5m³
Gross Payload Of Up To 830kg
Vehicle Warranty 5 year / 150k mile
Battery Warranty 8 year / 150k mile
Industry Leading Turning Circle 10.1m
Euro pallet capacity 2 Full Sized

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LEVC Van electric VN5 in the city

What you can expect from the LEVC VN5

The VN5 redefines electric van expectations. It provides all the necessary components to meet government guidelines, without the hassle of having to go fully electric. This means adaptability when you need it for unpredictable workloads.

Unrivalled Maneuverability - Experience a class leading turning circle, derived from London city Taxi's. It's a must have for versatility in the city centre saving time and making operations slick. Try putting the wheel in full lock on your test drive.

Flexible Operating - Change the way your vehicle is operated using drive modes. You can change what the van runs off based on city zones. All electric mode is perfect for start stop city driving.

Aluminium Monocoque Construction - First in sector aerospace inspired construction. Using lightweight high strength bonded aluminium. The bonding system provides over twice the strength of a welded equivalent.

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LEVC Van electric VN5 charging

What Our Customers Love

After delivering the van our customers have got in touch to tell us what they love about it.

It's a really comfortable space to work in. You can tell it has been designed by the same people who make the cab. It's packed with features that make it comfortable. I'll use it for a week and look forward to driving every time. 

You can charge up the electric power really quickly. Fuel costs have been really cheap from plugging in at lunch time. It charges to full in 30 minutes so you can run off electric all day.

The van has three regenerative braking modes. This allows reclaim power back into the battery, while reducing speed. On the highest level you can one pedal drive. Using this system to reduce speed and reclaim power.

A large touchscreen to access van features and media. It's great for convenient access to entertainment whilst driving. Being the same system fitted on premium Volvo cars, optimised to a professional environment.

The LEVC Van electric VN5 drive shot

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