We Want your TX4 - Scrappage Scheme

Paul Rigby LEVC has teamed up with our local councils in Birmingham and the North West to provide a scrappage scheme allowing us to buy your TX4 for a minimum of £3000

This is a minimum amount and it may be the case that your vehicle is worth more than this. Please get in touch to get yours valued.

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LEVC TX Electric Taxi

Saving Available

Scrappage Scheme£3,000
Government Grant£7,500
Total Saving£10,500
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Our new TX4 scrappage scheme will give you £3000 minimum for your cab.

The New TX can offer you many benefits in saving, and with this limited-time offer, they could be yours.

  • Over £100 per week savings in fuel.
  • Huge savings on road tax.
  • NSL Licence Saving
  • Significant savings in maintenance & repair costs.

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Why choose Paul Rigby LEVC?

Being one of the first LEVC providers in the UK we've refined the way we look after our service.

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Why Paul Rigby LEVC?

Our First TX Delivered in May 2018, Mr. Gurmail still uses our services to this day.

*This scrappage scheme is only available to Birmingham and Coventry city council cabs. However we will look at other cabs on a case by case basis.