Birmingham Clean Air Zone - Will you be charged with new restrictions?

The Birmingham clean air zone,or CAZ, has been launched. Will it affect you or are you exempt? Information and charges below.

Where is the Birmingham Clean Air Zone?

Illustrated in the attached image the Birmingham congestion charge zone includes all roads in the A4540 ring road. This includes the city centre, Digbeth, Jewellery Quarter, and parts of Bordesley and Newtown. The areas affected are marked by signs indicating when the zone is being approached. An example of these signs is shown on the image of the map.

Map Of Birmingham Clean Air Zone

What cars will be charged in the CAZ

Cars will need to meet the Euro 4 emissions standard for petrol and the Euro 6 standard for diesel.

You will only have to pay if your vehicle is non-compliant.

In general, this means diesel cars manufactured before 2015 and petrol cars manufactured before 2006.

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If you are still unsure about whether your vehicle is affected or not you can use this vehicle checker

Birmingham CAZ charge exempt car

How much is the charge

The charge for vehicles manufactured after the stated years above will be subject to a charge. This will be £8 a day for cars, taxis & vans. The charge is higher for buses, coaches, and HGVs at £50 a day.

Just remember that you will not be contacted advising to pay. You will need to go online and pay for the vehicle without a prompt. A failure to pay after entering the zone can mean a fine of up to £120.

Free Vehicle Valuation

The online payment system can be found here.

What if I live in the Birmingham Clean Air Zone? Are there exemptions?

Temporary exemptions are available for some of those who live and work in the clean air zone. Most of the exemptions that are available will only be for the first two years after implementation.

Exceptions include:

  • If the vehicle is registered to your address & you live in the Clean Air Zone. You will be exempt from the charge for two years.
  • if you are visiting key hospitals, GPs and care homes inside the Clean Air Zone. A one-year exemption can be applied
  • If you work in the Clean Air Zone and travel to get there you will be exempt for a year.
  • If your commercial vehicle is registered within the Clean Air Zone you will have a year's exemption. At a maximum of two per firm.