Our Volvo Electric Car options and recent electric vehicle innovations

We are taking steps towards a sustainable future, part of this is the electrification of our vehicles.

When it comes to electrification there are two main offerings, Hybrid and Pure electric

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Volvo HybridVolvo Pure Electric

Volvo Electric car XC40 P8

Driving A Volvo Electric Car

Driving a Volvo electric car is a refreshing experience compared to a traditional engine. In a hybrid, the electric motor assists when the engine struggles to create a smoother experience. If you would like to know more about Volvo Hybrid click here. Most people who test drive a Volvo electric car are amazed at how quiet and effortless the driving experience is. If test driving is something that you would like to experience please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Putting the Planet first with Volvo cars

Our ambitious goal timeline, taking action now:

2019- All newly launched vehicles will have an electrified element. Volvo recharge is announced detailing our ambition for a climate-neutral future.

2020- Our complete electrified car line is launched, starting with our first pure electric SUV the XC40 recharge.

2025- 50% of vehicles sold will be pure electric, the other 50% will be hybrid.

2040- Be climate-neutral across our full value chain.

Latest Volvo Electric Car Innovations

Our first electric model has recently been released to the market. This is the XC40 P8 recharge, a version of our beloved XC40 with a fully electrified powertrain. The vehicle is available to test drive now at our dealerships, please get in contact to book.

The XC40 P8 Recharge comes with some significant upgrades to its predecessor. With twin electric motors providing instant torque and impressive power. Experience the ease of one pedal driving enabled by regenerative braking. This feeds power back to the battery by reclaiming kinetic energy that would otherwise be lost.

It's also worth experiencing the new google integrated infotainment system. This provides best-in-class navigation, with google maps integrated into the car. Real-time traffic information is provided along with google assistant for hands-free control. The system is built with the needs of electric vehicles in mind. When a route is entered charging points will be planned based on the vehicle range.

Read more about the XC40 here

Our hybrid vehicles also contain the most recent developments. they combine a combustion engine with an electric component. read more about Volvo Hybrid options here