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Welcome to our Volvo Electric Car Page. Here are Paul Rigby Volvo we have plenty of options if you are thinking about switching to electric.

Compare range, charge speed and styles available.

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Volvo Electric Car

Our Volvo Electric Line-Up


​Range​Up To 298 Miles*
​Fast Charge​From 10-80% In Around 26.5 Minutes
​Power​Up To 428 BHP
​Style​Electric SUV
​0-62Up To ​3.6 Seconds


RangeUp To 341 Miles*
Fast ChargeFrom 10-80% In Around 27 Minutes
PowerUp To 408 BHP
StyleElectric Crossover
0-62Up To 4.7 Seconds


​Range​Up To 333 Miles*
​Fast Charge​From 10-80% In Around 27 Minutes
​Power​Up To 408 BHP
​Style​Electric SUV
​0-62Up To ​4.9 Seconds


Range Up To 363 Miles*
Fast Charge From 10-80% In Around 30 Minutes
Power Up To 517 BHP
Style Electric SUV
0-62 Up To 4.7 Seconds

Volvo Electric Car Offers

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Volvo EV Cars EX30

EX30 Offers

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Volvo EV Cars EX90

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Volvo EV Cars XC40

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Volvo EV Cars C40

EC40 Offers

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Why Should I Consider A Volvo EV?

Enjoy Peace & Quiet On The Road

Electric cars are incredibly quiet which makes for a more relaxing and enjoyable driving experience.

Confidence Instilled

You'll be driving with confidence, because electric cars are able to maximise torque at all revs, it will instil confidence when needing to overtake quickly or you may be in need of instant acceleration away from a precarious situation, an electric car will be able to deliver this for you.

Save On TAX

For those considering purchasing an electric car for your company, electric cars are subject to a lower car BIK (Benefit In Kind) which is currently sitting at 2% in 2023.

Volvo Electric SUV Exterior

Volvo EV Cars

We've looked over the horizon to develop a range of cars that elevate electrification. Instead of simply adapting what's come before, we design and engineer electric cars that deliver a new way to enjoy life on the road.

Volvo Electric SUV

Scandinavian inspired. The Scandinavian home inspires the design of our two- and three-row SUV cabins. They’re spacious and uncluttered with generous headroom and legroom. Plus a panoramic glass roof that creates an airy, calm feel.

Volvo Electric SUV


I drive long distances. Will an electric car suit me?

Electric cars are a great options for both long and short distances. On most of our cars, a full charge will give you around 300 miles. There are more and more charge stations popping up allowing you to rapid charge, with our cars charging from 10-80% in around 27 minutes.

How much do electric cars cost to charge?

The cost of charging an electric car is still cheaper that paying for a full tank of petrol or diesel. According to the official government website, the average cost of electricity for April/June 2023 is around 33.2p per kWh so travelling for around 100 miles would cost you £7.60. Of course pricing can very depending on model and engine of your car.

Do electric cars still need to have an MOT?

Yes, electric cars will still need an MOT every 3 years, however there is no emissions test required and the batteries in our cars come with a 8 years or every 100,000 miles warranty. Learn more about Volvo Electric cars here.

Ohme Charger

We are working with the electric car charger company, Ohme to bring you a fantastic limited time offer when purchasing any new or used fully electric car. You will be eligible to receive a home charge point supplied by Ohme free of charge worth £925 when you complete your purchase of any new or used fully electric vehicle from us.

For more information on this limited time offer, please click below.

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*Terms & Conditions Apply. See page for offer expiry and all information.

*The figures are preliminary and derived from estimates and calculations performed by Volvo Cars, these outcomes are not guaranteed. The real-life driving range and energy consumption achieved under real conditions varies depending on driving behaviour and other external factors. Charging times can vary and are dependent on factors such as outdoor temperature, current battery temperature, charging equipment, battery condition and car condition.