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One of the cornerstones of Volvo safety is viewing the car as a system. The parts interact to create a complete unit that functions like clockwork. To maximize the time between servicing (up to 18,000 miles) and preserve the original safety and integrity of your vehicle, choose Volvo Genuine Parts. They’re always guaranteed to carry the same uncompromising promise as the car itself. Knowing your car has been repaired, using high-quality Volvo Genuine Parts that are all 100% compatible with your car, gives you total peace of mind.

To help you enjoy cleaner air and avoid breathing in harmful substances, we replace your cabin filter each time we service your car. We always use Volvo Genuine cabin filters to ensure you and your passenger always enjoy the perfect in-car climate.

A combination of rain, snow and the suns’ rays continually wear your wiper blades down. That’s why we recommend changing them every year. We can change them for you during a service or during a tyre change, and we always use Volvo Genuine wiper blades.

We check your Volvo’s brake pads during every service. If they need to be replaced, we always replace them using Volvo Genuine brake pads. Only Volvo Genuine brake pads are designed to work in harmony with your car’s braking system and safety systems. 

Volvo Genuine Exchange Parts are an economical and ecological way of ensuring your Volvo stays a Volvo. Instead of throwing away worn or damaged parts, such as alternators, we carefully test, repair, and return them to their original condition.