Our Used Volvo S90's

Based in Birmingham & Stourbridge

Discover the epitome of luxury with the Volvo S90. Crafted with exquisite Scandinavian design, the S90 exudes sophistication and elegance on the road. Sink into the plush interior, where every detail is meticulously crafted for your comfort and enjoyment. With powerful yet efficient engine options, the S90 delivers a smooth and exhilarating driving experience. Plus, advanced safety features provide peace of mind for you and your passengers. Elevate your journey with the Volvo S90 today.

Our Volvo Selekt Promise - What's Included

It's one of the most extensive warranties available and is exclusively offered by Volvo dealers. The warranty covers all key mechanical and electronic components.

It is also applicable in different forms to suit your circumstances. Firstly, a 1-year warranty for cars less than 7 years old (and less than 100,000 miles) from purchase. Secondly, a 12 Month Unlimited Mileage Warranty (6 months for cars over 5 years old at the time of purchase – Upgrade to 12 months available).

The warranty also covers you across Europe, ensuring you peace of mind across the continent.