Volvo EX30

Volvo EX30 - Small, But Mighty

The all new Volvo EX30 is here! Our smallest SUV yet. This fully electric SUV is small but packs some big performance.

Starting From: £33,795.00

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Volvo EX30

Volvo EX30 - Price, Range & Specifications

Price: Starting from £33,795.00

Range: Up to 298 miles of range on a single charge and allows you to charge from 10-80% in 25 minuets on a DC fast charger*

Performance: 0-62** in 3.6 Seconds and a max Horsepower of 428BHP

*The figures are preliminary and derive from estimates and calculations performed by Volvo Cars for EX30 and these outcomes are not guaranteed. The driving range and energy consumption under real conditions vary depending on driving behaviour and other external factors. Vehicle certification pending. **0-62 and BHP based on the twin performance option.

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EX30 Photography

The Volvo EX30 - Inside & Out

Feel free to explore the interior and exterior of the all new Volvo EX30. There is a lot to look at inside our smallest SUV.

The Volvo EX30 - Trim & Powertrain Options

Our all new Volvo EX30 can be customized to your liking with plenty of options.

Trim Levels Options

With the Volvo EX30 there are two trim options to choose from. These are displayed below.


Starting From £33,795.00


  • Safe Space Technology
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Harman Kardon Premium Sound
  • + More​


Starting From: £42,045.00


  • Panoramic Roof
  • Park Pilot Assist
  • 360° Parking Camera, 3D View
  • + More

To view all features & specifications, please download the brochure below

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Powertrain Options

The EX30 comes with three powertrain options for you to choose from. These are displayed below.

Single Motor

The single motor option will give you the following benefits.

  • RWD Drivetrain
  • 0-62 In 5.7 Seconds
  • 16.7kWh/100km
  • 213.8 Miles Of Range

Single Motor Extended Range


The single motor extended range will give you the following benefits.

  • RWD Drivetrain
  • 0-62 In 5.3 Seconds
  • 15.7kWh/100km
  • 298.3 Miles Of Range​

Twin Motor Performance


The twin motor performance will give you the following benefits.

  • AWD Powertrain
  • 0-62 In 3.6 Seconds
  • 16.3kWh/100km
  • 285.8 Miles Of Range​

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What Colour Options Are Available On The New Volvo EX30?

The Volvo EX30 is available in five colour options, allowing you to pick the perfect colour for your new EX30.

Cloud BlueOnyx BlackVapour GreyCrystal WhiteMoss Yellow

Cloud Blue
Cloud Blue
Onyx Black
Onyx Black
Vapour grey
Vapour grey
Crystal White
Crystal White
Moss Yellow
Moss Yellow

Interior Style Options

For the interior colour options you have 4 unique styles to choose from. The availability depends on your exterior colour choice.

Pixel Knit & Nordico Upholstery Tailored Wool Blend Upholstery Wool Blend & Nordico Upholstery Textile & Nordico Upholstery
Breeze Interior Style
Breeze Interior Style
Mist Interior Style
Mist Interior Style
Pine Interior Style
Pine Interior Style
Indigo Interior Style
Indigo Interior Style

A Look At The EX30's Interior

EX30 Photography

The EX30's Scandinavian Interior

The inside of the Volvo EX30 still sticks to its scandinavian roots, the look and feel of the interior defiently reflects that too, even in the smallest of details.

​You have the choice of 4 Scandinavian interior designs all of which are inspired by Scandinavian nature. Breeze, Mist, Pine and Indigo. Each design choice somes with a different asthectic style and colour. Breeze is inspired by summer days with a Pixel Knit & Nordico upholstery with blue coloured air vents while Pine is inspired by the Scandinavian Forests and comes with a Wool Blend & Nordico upholstery accompined by transparent air vent colours.

In addition to the interior design styles, you will have a choice of 5 interior ambient lighting themes which light up the center display, panel decors, door panels and front seat storage. These will all illuminate with slow-shifting colours giving off a comlementery look to the interior of the Volvo EX30. You can then active ambient sound to further immerse yourself within your EX30.

As far as sound is concerned, there is a powerful soundbar installed just below the windscreen of the EX30. Harman Kardon Sound remains the choice of speaker in the EX30. This 1040W soundbar has five intergrated speakers and nine high-performance speakers aimed at delivering a driver-focused sound, the sleek and minimalistic design helps to compliment the interior design of the EX30. Of course you still have the option to customise your sound however you wish with dynamic, soft, or voice mode options.

EX30 Photography

The EX30's Technological Interior

​As soon as you take your first seat within the Volvo EX30 you have all the modern technology you have come to expect from the latest line up of Volvo cars. From the infotainment system to the smart and life saving safety features built in. 

​You will be greeted with a 12.3" touchscreen tablet that is customisable to your liking and is located in the centre of the console. This tablet will give you a glance at drivers information and provide you with all your favourite controls on one screen. This touchscreen is designed to display high definition visuals with little to no glare and reflections allowing you to comfortably and clearly see what is been shown to you as your drive. With sensors and infrared technology built-in, this means the display to be responsive and allows you to make commands instantaneously.

 All the modern emendates are at your finger tips. A Wireless phone charger for your on the go charging needs, this is located in a dedicated front seat storage compartment. There is a power outlet located in the boot of the EX30 which can be utilized even when the car is off. Power for all, there are a total of 4 USB-C ports within the EX30 allowing you and your passengers to plug in and charge at faster speeds whenever they require extra power. 

EX30 Photography

For Your Convenience

​The EX30 is a small but very convenient SUV and takes advantage of space, storage and comfort where it can.

For the first time, the EX30 comes with a squared sport style steering wheel allowing the driver a sporty grip while behind the wheel. It is packed with all the switches you may need so you are always in control, even with both hands on the wheel. There is also a dedicated button for you to customize for a specific function. The steering wheel can also be heated via the centre display and when the temperature drops below 7°C, it can be heated as parted of the pre-conditioning schedule in your Volvo EX30 application.

For extra convince and added storage, there is a compartment located in the armrest of the EX30 which slides out for extra storage allowing you and your passengers added convenience whenever you need it. The EX30 has a boot space of 318 litres, a flat floor, no lip and you can even lower it for added space and extra convenience. If you need to pack even more there is a hidden compartment under the load floor and bonnet, you can even fold down some if not all of the backrests for increased cargo storage at anytime.

Comfort is key, especially for those longer drives. The seats in the EX30 are designed to maximise support for the spine which, in turn, can reduce pressure, hunching and shoulder strain. You can also find ideal seating position using the power operated settings. Not warm enough? You can use the centre display to heat up your seat or let the EX30 do it automatically when the temperature drops below 7°C. This is part of the pre-conditioning program you set up in the Volvo EX30 application.

Driving & Safety, Hand In Hand

The Volvo EX30 Has Has All The Latest Safety Features Built In

Park Assist Pilot

The EX30 can steer, accelerate and brake in order to park itself. Even better, it can parallel park too! Just keep an eye on what's happening around you just in case you need to take over if something unexpected happens. The EX30 will also find the best parking spots too. When traveling at speeds of 13mph, it can spot spaces and display the options to you on the centre display. Once you choose one of the options, the car will do the rest for you.

360° Camera

With the EX30, cameras on all side of the car give you a high-resolution 360 degree birds-eye view of your car. The view of the camera automatically pops up when you put the EX30 into reverse or if you get close to an object while moving at slow speeds. Feel free to bring the camera view up when you need it, you can even have a split screen view of 180° with a side by side view.

Door Opening Alert

The EX30 uses its rear radars to detect cyclists and scooters that are approaching from behind, the car will sound an alert if someone in the car goes to open a door. There are two alert levels, the first will hear a warning on the centre display and a steady BLIS light. If a collision risk is imminent, the alert will escalate. You will hear a warning sound and the BLIS icon will flash.

If you are looking to purchase the Volvo EX30 for your business. Please visit the link below to get in contact with our Fleet & Business department

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Packed With The Latest On-Board Technology

The core systems inside the Volvo EX90 are powered by some of the best in the business in addition to in-house developed software from Volvo themselves. All of this, put together, runs the core functions of the car, from the safety and infotainment systems all the way through to the battery management. The end result is a more responsive and immersive experience from within the car.

This Volvo EX90 won't just be your new car; this is a highly sophisticated computer on four wheels! Thanks to OTA (over-the-air updates), the Volvo EX90 can be improved and tweaked as needed, thereby constantly improving the experience for you, the customer.

A 14.5-inch portrait centre screen is the technological gateway to one of the best infotainment systems out there, with Google built in. Google Maps, Google Voice Assistant, and more of your favourite apps from the Google Play Store come built into your new Volvo EX90. The displays inside the Volvo EX90 help you keep your eyes on the road ahead by offering you the right information at the right time when you need it most. Apple CarPlay, a feature that is currently wired in our current generation of cars, will now be wireless as standard in the Volvo EX90.

Power Your Life - Bi-Directional Charging

A feature that those who have a greater understanding of fully electric cars and their capabilities will be glad to hear that the Volvo EX30 will come equipped with a feature called Bi-Directional charging, which will allow the owner of an EX30 to essentially power their home or any other electrical equipment when they need it most.

Volvo EX90 Bi-Directional Charging
Volvo EX30 OTA Updates
Over The Air Software Updates (OTA) Over-the-air (OTA) updates are an effortless way to equip your car with the latest software
EX30 5G Connection
Real-Time Connection With 5G The EX30 is equipped to access high-speed 5G mobile networks. It's a rate of connectivity that gives you real-time communication between the network and the car
EX30 Snapdragon Power
Snapdragon® Cockpit Platforms Our next-generation infotainment system is powered by software developed by our in-house engineering experts and Snapdragon Cockpit Platforms from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.