Volvo Updates XC40 & C40 Rebranding And New Colour Sand Dune

  • XC40 & C40 Recharge Model Name Gets An Update
  • XC40 ICE Remains The Same
  • Reflects The Goal Towards A Fully Electric Transformation

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Volvo EX40 And EC40 In The Colour Sand Dune

Volvo Introduces The Colour Sand Dune To EX40 & EC40

The colour Sand Dune is a warm, sand-coloured solid effect metallic with glass flakes that sparkle like sand in the sun.

A colour that originally came with the Volvo EX90 but will now be added to the EX40 & EC40.

Volvo EX40 And EC40 In The Colour Sand Dune
Volvo EX40 And EC40 In The Colour Sand Dune

Since their introduction, the Volvo XC40 Recharge and C40 Recharge have been a staple in Volvo's ambition to become a fully electric car brand and have been the trailblazers, pushing towards that fully electric transformation. Since then Volvo have added to their fully electric line-up with the addition of their first fully electric 7-seater SUV, the EX90 and the much anticipated EX30, which is their smallest SUV yet. There has also been the release of the EM90 which is Volvo's first fully electric MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) but as of now there are no plans to introduce this particular model to the UK market.

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Volvo EX40 In The Colour Sand Dune On Charge

As you may notice, Volvo's more recent electric models share a similar pattern of branding, all beginning with the letter 'E' which of course stands for Electric. The XC40 Recharge & C40 Recharge share the similarity of the word 'Recharge' which Volvo will now be moving away from heading into Model Year 25 versions of their vehicles.

​For this reason, Volvo have now made the decision to rebrand XC40 & C40 Recharge to fit in line with their current line-up of fully electric vehicles.

Volvo EC40 In The Colour Sand Dune On Charge

The XC40 Recharge will be renamed as EX40 and the C40 Recharge will be known as EC40. Both models now adopting the same brand naming as the more recent line-up of fully electric Volvo's, with a complete and up-to-date model collection of: EX30, EX40, EC40, EX90 & EM90.

This has been achieved with the goal of making the customer journey more transparent and clear when it comes to purchasing an electric Volvo. The internal combustion version of the XC40 won't undergo any changes and will remain the same.

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A Rear Photo Of The EC40 With The New Branding In Sand Dune
A Rear Photo Of The EX40 With The New Branding In Sand Dune