Volvo EC40 - Our Pure Electric Crossover

A pure heart in a daring body. Get to know our electric newcomer the Volvo EC40.

A Trendy & Sleek SUV that is Purely Electric.

Launched to deliver no compromise between power and responsible driving. Embodying a sporty fastback configuration and a modern, unique coupe-like profile.

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Our Review Video

Check out our review video of the EC40 here!


The Volvo EC40 is Battery Powered, Google Subscription Included & Charges 180 Miles In Just Over 30 Minutes.

Volvo EC40 In The Colour Fjord Blue
Volvo EC40 In The Colour Fjord Blue
Volvo EC40 In The Colour Fjord Blue
Volvo EC40 In The Colour Fjord Blue
Volvo EC40 In The Colour Fjord Blue
Volvo EC40 In The Colour Fjord Blue
Volvo EC40 In The Colour Fjord Blue
Volvo EC40 In The Colour Fjord Blue

Driving Electric In The Volvo EC40

Discover the EC40 electric crossover. It's capable of 341 miles (WLTP) electric range, with a 0-62 of 4.7 seconds. The vehicle includes our new infotainment system, this is integrated with google.

Google maps provides advanced live traffic information, with intuitive controls just like your smartphone. It also eliminates range anxiety. Our best in class navigation will add charging points to your route where needed. When a location is entered battery levels will be accurately predicted on the route. This is based on real time traffic and your driving style.

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Volvo EC40 In The Colour Fjord Blue

New Interior Ambience

Experience exclusive character, our new translucent back-lit décor creates a natural, soothing glow and a contemporary vibe.

Start With Ease

Just take your seat, the EC40 will recognise you are behind the wheel. Once drive is engaged you can cruise off with little effort.

New Pixel Technology Headlights

Your headlights adapt to traffic in front of your EC40 Recharge while continuing to light up the road ahead efficiently. Just set auto high beam on and let the vehicle adapt to oncoming traffic. Powered by 84 Pixel LED’s in each headlight unit.

Customise your EC40 Recharge

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Volvo EC40 Twin Plus

Key Features

  • Twin Motor 
  • Premium Textile Upholstery 
  • 19" 5- Double Spoke Black Diamond Cut 
  • Google Built-in 
  • Customisable

Volvo EC40 Twin Ultra

Key Features

  • Twin Motor
  • Connect Suede Textile/ Microtech Upholstery
  • 20" 5-Spoke Black Diamond Cut
  • Google Built-in
  • Customisable

Volvo EC40 In The Colour Fjord Blue
Volvo EC40 In The Colour Fjord Blue

Infotainment And Tech

The Volvo EC40 runs the latest infotainment software, which is built based on Google Software. That means the more you commit to Google’s own ecosystem, the better the infotainment gets. From the built-in Google Maps, to the natural voice commands. These are powered by Google Voice Assistant, they can recognise and map phrases to commands.

Experience it for yourself:

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Technology At Your Fingertips

The Volvo EC40 comes with a large centre display allowing you to intuitively control vehicle functions. You have access to built-in Google apps and services. These including: Google maps, Google Assistant and the Google Play Store.

On the display’s lower section, you have instant access to commonly used features such as park assist camera views and in-car apps. The display’s portrait format facilitates your overview when navigating and if needed, you can easily rearrange most of the touch screen buttons to suit your preferences.

What Our Customers Love About The Volvo EC40

Unique Stand Out Design

A unique body design providing function, style & efficiency. It’s a model created for purpose and like no other. An urban vehicle that doesn’t blend into the crowd.

100% Leather Free And Sustainable Interior Materials

​The inlays of the Volvo EC40 are made from recycled plastic and represent a topography of the Abisko National Park in Sweden, this inlays are also backlit by LED lamps, and therefore helping to create an atmospheric three-dimensional effect.

Infotainment Smartphone Integration

​Powered by Google, the infotainment system of the EC40 allows to cross functionality between the car and your mobile phone. You are able to log into your Google account on the EC40 and as long as you have done the same on you mobile phone all of your map data such as home point and recent searches will carry across to your car, so therefore allowing you to quickly navigate to a destination quickly rather than having to search for it.

Apple CarPlay Included

iPhone users won't have to worry about loosing out on any functionality as Apple CarPlay is standard on the EC40. All you need to do is plug your iPhone in using the white USB-C port on the car and the CarPlay experience will occupy the entire left portrait screen.

Volvo EC40 In The Colour Fjord Blue

​What Is The Volvo EC40 Like To Drive?

The Volvo EC40 drives brilliantly well. Stately, refined and fast when you need it. Providing no compromise between power and responsible driving. Experience the thrill in person and book your test drive today.

A Refined Driving Experience

The flat battery distribution creates balance on the road. Overall this makes the EC40 better at higher speeds due to the sustained contact. Speed is available when you need it, you also benefit from linear acceleration. The steering has adjustable elements for driving feel, adjust your steering firmness as and when you like.

New Interior Features

The EC40 Recharge features a leather free interior. Instead using purpose built sustainable materials. This provides sustainable luxury. Seats feature Nubuck textile and suede-like Microtech vinyl that’s comfortable and durable. Smart storage, fastening and loading features create versatile solutions that reflect your life and leisure activities.

Volvo EC40 In The Colour Fjord Blue

Safety Features

The EC40 is a great choice for safety, with plenty of advanced features as standard.

Volvo has developed active safety features working to avoid accidents entirely. Run-off road mitigation allows the vehicle to detect when the car is veering into another lane. Then, taking over the steering wheel to guide the driver back into the correct lane. Driving a Volvo gives you access to the highest standard of Safety. Learn more about our safety systems here.

Pilot assist is an advanced version of cruise control. Speed will be set and adjusted by the vehicle to maintain distance from the car in front. The distance you keep can be adjusted whilst driving. Learn more about safety and the eva initiative here

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