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Charge on us

Up to 1 year free electricity for all new plug in hybrid customers.

We want our customers to be driving as sustainably as possible. To achieve this we’ll cover charging costs for up to one year when purchasing a new plug-in hybrid from one of our dealerships. The more you drive electric with zero tailpipe emissions, the more you’ll save with this offer.

Reducing emissions

Looking to the future one of Volvo's goals is to be climate neutral by 2040. As a step along the way, all Volvo cars are available as plug-in hybrids. By introducing our customers to this offer, we hope to shed light on efficient energy usage. We believe emissions worldwide could be greatly reduced if daily driving needs are fulfilled solely by electricity.

Track trip statistics in the app

Soon you will be able to track the electricity used and how much your car has been driven in electrified mode via the Volvo on Call app. Your refund amount will also be visible from this platform.