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Driving one of our Volvo electric vehicles is a must experience. The electric powertrain provides a refined drive, silent and smooth. Instant torque and linear acceleration are two driving features that are unique to electric vehicles.

Instant torque allows for power to be delivered through the drivetrain on the spot. This results in fast acceleration from a standstill position. Linear acceleration is derived from consistent power, continuous acceleration is delivered at all speeds.

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Key components to Volvo electric

Regenerative Braking - When slowing down or braking the energy is not lost. Instead, a generator transforms this energy, putting it back into the battery. This provides a longer range and allows for one-pedal driving.

Dual Electric Motors - Delivering high performance and smooth driving.

A Powerful Battery - With a range of 259 miles* and with a DC 150kw fast charger can charge from 20-80% in 20 minutes.

It couldn't be easier to transition to electric, all you have to do is plug in.

Lower running costs - Much lower running costs can be experienced with an EV. Charging time can also be pre-set. This means charging can be set to only take place when electric tariffs are lowest.

Zero tailpipe emmisions - Mobility without releasing harmful emmisions.

Long-distance driving in an electric vehicle

We have developed technology and integrations to allow stress-free driving in your electric vehicle.

The google maps integration will plot out DC fast charger locations when a route is set. These will be added to the journey when necessary. Accurate predictions will be made of when the vehicle will need to be charged.

At a DC fast charging station, the vehicle can be recharged from 10 to 80% in just 40 minutes.

Our latest Volvo electric release - The Volvo C40

Our first pure electric crossover has been released. Second in the line of our fully electric vehicles of the 5 to be released over 5 years.

It's an environmentally-friendly choice, with a completely leather-free interior.

Over-the-air updates are a new feature of our electric vehicles. This means that your vehicle will be automatically updated to the latest software without having to visit the dealership. Your C40 will improve over time, without you having to leave home.

Learn more about Volvo's commitment to electrification here

Volvo Electric C40

*Range is based on realistic WLTP and EPA driving for a new vehicle under controlled conditions. The real-world range may vary. Final vehicle certification pending.