In March 2019, we arranged a visit to Glynne Primary school, to talk about plastic pollution and to introduce the new children's book released by Volvo called; The Day the Ocean Went Away.

With the help and expertise from the wonderful staff at Glynne Primary school, a full day of creative activities were planned and enjoyed until our arrival. Salesman Trevor Greaves continued to talk about plastic pollution and what changes he has made to do his part. Trevor spoke about how he hardly ever uses his black wheelie bin; everything that can't be recycled is chopped up and made into eco bricks!

We bought along two very special Volvo cars: The V90 Ocean Race and the new XC40. The children were tasked with jumping into the cars and pointing out as may parts and items that were made from recycled materials, such as the XC40's plastic bottle carpets and the V90's seats and mats made from salvaged fishing nets!

volvo ocean race school visit

Created by Grey London in partnership with award-winning illustrator, Jago Silver, in cooperation with Volvo Car UK.

This story follows a little boy called Jack, who loves the ocean. One morning Jack wakes up and to his surprise the ocean was nowhere to be seen. He journeys the dried seabed, meeting all sorts of ocean creatures and animals to only discover that the reason for its disappearance.

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The Defiant Pioneer

"1 in 5 children in Britain have never seen or paddled in the sea. It’s worrying to think that the destiny of the ocean is in the hands of a generation who feel little connection to it." - TOM FRANKLIN

Although Tom grew up in London, he was lucky enough to spend lots of time in Cornwall, exploring rockpools and swimming in the ocean. As a swimmer, environmentalist and primary school teacher, Tom has always promoted ocean literacy and conservation, however, when he was transferred to an inner-city school, he was shocked that so many children had never experienced the joy and fascination the ocean brings.

Without waiting for a government grant, Tom and his volunteers started a Kickstarter crowdfund and created 'City Kids Surfing'. This charity aims to get inner city kids falling in love with the ocean.

Volvo's new film in partnership with Sky Atlantic follows Tom Franklin as he continues with his mission to help the next generation fall in love with it. Watch the short film here.