Our Car Care Plan For Your Volvo

We understand that wear and tear can sometimes add up and becoming quite costly over the time of ownership with your Volvo. This is why we have designed the Car Care Plan to help spread the cost and help with affordability. Read on to learn more about this plan. (Excluding BEV Cars)

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About Our Car Care Plan

What Is The Car Care Plan?

The car care plan is a pay monthly plan that allows you to pay small amounts in advance, so when it comes for you to have a part replaced or repaired, on the day you won't have to pay anything as you would have been paying per month in advance.

What Is The Cost And What Plan Options Are Available?

Volvo Care Plan - £35.00 Per Month

Volvo Care & Service Plan - £65.00 Per Month

Volvo Care & Service Plan (XC90) - £70.00 Per Month

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What Is Covered With The Care Plan?

With the Care Plan the following items are covered following a vehicle presale inspection or EVHC, the below items will be covered during the subscription.


  • Tyre replacement due to puncture or damage up to the value of £750 per annum
  • Brand new equivalent make tyre
  • Excluding tyres below 1.6mm

Brake Pads & Discs

  • Replacement pads if worn below 2mm
  • Replacement discs if worn below manufacturer recommended requirements or excessively scored/corroded


  • Replacement battery if manufacturer battery test indicates insufficient charge or poor capacity
  • Excludes lithium/hybrid/EV batteries and external damage

Wiper Blades

  • Replacement wiper blades if in a condition that would fail an MOT
  • Excludes wiper arms/motors

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