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Volvo Mild Hybrid Technology

Introducing our "B" badged mild-hybrids

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​What Is a Mild Hybrid?

A traditional combustion engine, supported by a small electric motor. 

The electric motor recovers lost energy from braking, and aids acceleration.

15% more fuel efficient, 15% lower emissions.

Charged from energy recovery through regenerative braking, no cables required.

Mild Hybrid Models Available                                   Enquire Now

​The XC60 B4 Mild Hybrid

​197 HP
​39.4 - 46.3 MPG
​142 - 151G/KM CO2
From 36% BIK Tax​

​The XC60 B5 Mild Hybrid

​235 HP
​39.2 - 46.3 MPG
​142 - 151G/KM CO2
From 36% BIK Tax​

The XC90 B5 Mild Hybrid

235 HP
37.7 - 44.1 MPG
154 - 156G/KM CO2
From 37% BIK Tax