The Volvo S90

'Volvo S90 proves to be outstandingly safe'

With the most up-to-date safety features as standard, the S90 was awarded 95% for adult occupant protection and a huge 93% for safety assist.

"In the side barrier impact, the S90 provided good protection for all critical body regions and scored maximum points." - NCAP report comments

The Volvo S90 includes some additional safety features as standard. Adaptive cruise control can be set to maintain a distance between you, and the car Infront, when driving on the motorway. The minimum distance is capped, allowing a 1.5 second gap between the car Infront and the bumper. Pilot assist takes this feature a step further by adding steering input, making long journeys much less draining. The Volvo will recognise when there is no hand on the steering wheel, after a few seconds it alerts the driver to input steering. Watch the video to see how it works.