Safety Beyond Stars

Every new Volvo in the range has been awarded the highest 5 star safety rating from Euro NCAP, however, Volvo believe that a car can be designed to pass a test and in order to reach achieve 'vision 2020' it's cruicial to take a different approach to safety.

The only car manufacturer to have a purpose built crash centre in Torslanda, Sweden, Volvo conduct approximately 400 full-scale tests per year and can replicate any crash scenario thanks to the unique design and expert team behind the scenes. Each crash takes around 2 weeks to prepare for, uses 42 high speed cameras and lights 4x brighter than sunlight to allow the cameras to film in super slow-motion.

Volvo have also created a supercomputer, made up of 150 IBM servers, updated every 4 years, that run around 3,000 crash simulations per day giving accurate injury forecasts. It then selects a simulation at random that Volvo replicate in real life to ensuere accuracy.

A Volvo hurtling down a track inside Volvo's purpose built crash centre in Torslanda, Sweden.
Meet Clive Alive, the digitally animated film about rebellious crash test dummy that won third "best of show'' award since premiering in April in Times Square.

Discover more inside information about Volvo's passion for safety, never seen before. Watch the crash tests to see how each safety feature works and what over 90 years of innovation, dedication and 'omtanke' Volvo have shared to the world.