The Volvo XC40

'Volvo's stereotype as an excessively safe automaker has paid off once again'

Another astonishing performance at NCAP with 97% adult occupant protection and 87% for child. The XC40 has dominated the Small family SUV class not only in safety, but overall! WhatCar? Car of the year 2018, European Car of the Year and many more awards have been achieved by this all-new Volvo design.

The XC40 is built on what’s called 'Compact Modular Architecture' that allows the car to be small yet spacious; giving more space in between the impact and the occupant. An object's mass is multiplied by how fast the car is traveling, a loose water bottle could easily be sent through a windscreen in a crash; the XC40 is filled with innovative storage solutions that can fit large bottles, laptops, phones and other potentially dangerous objects.

“The autonomous emergency braking system worked well in all test simulations of highway scenarios, losing only a fraction of a point. The standard-fit lane assistance system comprises Lane Keep Assistance, which warns the driver when the car is drifting out of lane and gently applies steering to correct the path, and Emergency Lane Keeping, which intervenes much more aggressively in emergency situations, to keep the car on the road or from hitting another vehicle” – Euro NCAP, July 2018 test.