The Volvo XC60

'The safest car ever tested by ncap'

The XC60 has aced the ncap safety tests with a record breaking score of 98% for adult occupant protection. Thats 20 percentage points higher than the nearest Large Off-Road competitor – underlining Volvo Cars’ position as a leader in automotive safety. 

The Volvo XC60 was the first car to feature 'city safety' a system that applies automatic braking when a frontal impact is imminent. When reviewing the XC60 crash footage, this car demonstrates another unique safety design feature very well.

Since around 1944 Volvo noticed that crumple zones were essential. The modern Volvo is designed so each component within the engine bay has a slot behind it in which it's pushed into upon an impact, thus maximising the crumple effect. The birds eye view front impact footage, reveals this effect in action with each bar and block slotting smoothly behind itself.