The Volvo XC90


Since the launch of Volvo's first SUV in 2002, the XC90 became popular for its practicality, off road capabilities but most of all its safe design. With a zero fatality track record the XC90 is already fufilling Volvo's Vision 2020.

NCAP have awarded the Volvo XC90 the highest 5 star safety rating. Including an incredible 97% score for Adult occupant protection and 87% for child safety.

In addition to NCAP's tests, the XC90 has been tested at Volvo's facility in Torslanda, Sweden to withstand extreme collisions such as a roll-over incident as seen in the video, along with run-off road, rear-facing child seats and many more.

What makes the XC90 unique however is this car is not only safe for occupants, but safe for occupants of the other vehicle involved in the crash. Back in the early 2000s when the XC90 was being designed, Volvo noticed that crashes involving SUVs had a huge flaw when it came to head on collisions. Usually with their high ride-height and centre of gravity; SUVs are forced upwards into the windscreen of the oncoming car. Volvo addressed this issue by placing a crash bar behind the lower front bumper, this was designed to trigger the on-coming car's airbags and anchored the cars together. This kept the crashes predictable and flush.