The Volvo V40

'Record breaking safety scores all round'

Despite the V40's small family hatchback dimensions; Volvo wanted to make this hatch back just as safe as the larger SUVs. Euro NCAP awarded the V40 a record breaking 100% for safety assist, 98% for adult occupant protection and a huge 88% for pedestrian and commented: "Even in the more severe side pole test, maximum points were scored"

The V40's secret to pedestrian protection sits underneath the bonnet. This car features a unique and innovative airbag design that is activated once a pedestrian is hit head on. The bonnet lifts and a horse-shoe shaped airbag covers the area where a person's head would land on the windscreen. "The system worked well, the bonnet offering good protection in all areas likely to be struck by a pedestrian's head, and scoring maximum points in this area​" - NCAP comments. Watch the short video to see the airbag in action.