When it comes to accessories, all our suppliers have to prove that the production materials do not produce harmful odours or allergens. The equipment is then tested in a computer crash simulation, then real world crash testing at Volvo's state of the art Safety Centre in Torslanda, Sweden. Only when a product has been tested to this extent will it be offered for sale to our customers.

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Rubber mats £60
Glasses holder £65
Net load compartment £85
Dirt cover, bumper £70


Snow Socks £70
Snow Chains £325
Rubber Mats £70
Mud flaps £170


Load carrier £230
Roof cycle carrier £85
Reversible cargo mat £110
Mud flaps £170


Dog harness £60
Protective steel grill £260
Rubber mats £60
Dirt cover bumper £70


Wool booster cushion/backrest £80
Rear facing child seat £270
Infant child seat £240
Kick guard £45

Polestar Optimisation

Increased power
Improved throttle response
Quicker gear shifts
and much more
Now save £100

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Foldable towbar £1,037.37
Cycle carrier 1-2 bikes £400
Cycle carrier 3-4 bikes £475
Detachable towbar £770
Plug adaptor £35


Men's light hoodie £69.50
Women's Bamboo shirt £34.50
Eva Solo Water bottle £20
Leather Apple charger £19.50
Childrens toy car 1:38 £12.50

*20% off excludes Polestar Optimisation. Alternative £100 saving.

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