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Roof Box - Sport Time

​Sport Time is a functional roof box for all your needs. It is characterised by a design with a sunken base, integrating the box into the shape of the car as far as possible.

Assembly system, Fast-Click, with integrated step indication makes the assembly of the box extremely easy. The system consists of grip claws that automatically centre over the load retainer, creating maximum safety. 

The patented special Dual Force spring system gives effortless opening and closing of the cover.

The box is made of vacuum-formed ABS-plastic, making it incredibly lightweight.

Price: £350                                                         Enquire Here

Space Design 420 and Space Design 520

Space Design is a modern, exclusive and aerodynamic roof box that offers minimal wind resistance due to its unique design.

The Dual Opening system​ allows the roof box to be opened from both sides. The range of practical functions, together with generous interior measurements mean that this box is in a class of its own. Available in two different sizes.​

Equipped with patented Power-click snap lock providing quick and secure assembly.

The box is made of vacuum-formed ABS-plastic, making it incredibly lightweight.

Advanced aerodynamic properties that minimise air resistance, wind noise and vibrations.

Price: from £600                                     Enquire Here

Roof box designed by Volvo Cars

The Volvo Cars self-designed roof box has a volume of 430 litres, making it incredibly functional. The aerodynamic design has been optimised for minimal air resistance and wind noise, it has a sporty look, enhanced by glossy paint.

The modern box is made of double-shelled, vacuum-formed ABS plastic that makes it stable, durable, and easy to handle.

The roof box is easily opened from both long sides, with integrated LED lighting in the lid for use at all times. The skid protection prevents loads from sliding around, and suppresses noise from the roof box.

With convenient Quick-grip mountings, the roof box can be mounted quickly and easily on your Volvo.

Price: £1050 Enquire Here