Volvo C40 Recharge - Meet our first electric crossover

The Volvo C40 Scandinavian Compact Crossover. Our latest model delivers no compromise between power and responsible driving.

Discover the C40 electric crossover. Capable of 275 miles of electric range and a 0-62 of 4.7 seconds. The vehicle includes our state of the art google integrated infotainment system.

Google maps can be used to find charging stations on your route. Our best in class navigation will add charging points to your route where needed. Real time traffic allows for accurate depiction of battery levels.

New interior ambience. Experience exclusive character, our translucent back-lit decor creates a natural, soothing glow and a contemporary vibe.

New pixel technology headlights. Your headlights adapt to traffic in front of your C40 Recharge while continuing to light up the road ahead efficiently. Just set auto high beam on and let the vehicle adapt to oncoming traffic. Powered by 84 Pixel LED’s in each headlight unit.

What our customers love about the Volvo C40

Unique stand out design. A unique body design providing function, style & efficiency. It’s a model created for purpose and like no other. An urban vehicle that doesn’t blend into the crowd.

100% Leather free and sustainable interior materials.

Infotainment smartphone integration. Similar functions of your smartphone are available from the display in your car. Use the apps that are available from your phone on the display.

Standout profile and design details - With its slimmed crossover side profile and standard contrasting black roof, mirror caps and other matching design callouts, the C40 Recharge creates a striking silhouette.

Volvo C40 Recharge Rear

Safety features

The C40 is a great choice for safety, with plenty of advanced features as standard.

Volvo has developed active safety features working to avoid accidents entirely. Run-off road mitigation allows the vehicle to detect when the car is veering into another lane. Then, taking over the steering wheel to guide the driver back into the correct lane.

Pilot assist is an advanced version of cruise control. Speed will be set and adjusted by the vehicle to maintain distance from the car in front. The distance you keep can be adjusted whilst driving. Learn more about safety and the eva initiative here

City Safety Volvo XC40
City Safety On The Volvo XC40

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Made for music Your music your way, with high-quality audio and smartphone integration.
Volvo XC40 Interior
A place for everything Ingenious storage solutions. Enjoy a clutter-free life with a place for everything.
Volvo C40 - Front
Storage Solutions Find extra space for storage in the front of the vehicle. An excellent replacement for an engine.