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Plug In Hybrid Technology

Introducing our Volvo Twin engines - otherwise known as Plug In Hybrids (PHEV's)

A traditional combustion engine, with a battery powered electric motor.

Charge from plugging in, and regenerative braking.

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​Same car - Smaller Footprint

With C02 emissions of 55g/KM or less the Plug-in hybrid is a more conscientious choice. 

You can also run solely on electric power.​ For commuting this can mean only running the vehicle on low cost electric power, with no range anxiety. 

Hybrid mode provides a balance between both functions relieving the stress of each engine by supporting each other and leading to greater fuel economy.

Plug-in Hybrid Models Available      

All of our models are available in a plug-in hybrid variant​.

SUV Plug-in Hybrids                                   Enquire Here

​The XC40 T5 Recharge

​262 HP
​119.1-139.4 mpg
​47- 55 CO2 g/km
From 12% BIK Tax​

​The XC60 T6 Recharge

​340 HP
​97.3-122.7 mpg
​54-66 CO2 g/km
From 13% BIK Tax​

The XC90 T8 Recharge

390 HP
85.5-100.8 mpg
63-76 CO2 g/km
From 17% BIK Tax

Estate Plug-in Hybrids​                                Enquire Here

​The V60 T6 Recharge

​340 HP
​113.0- 156.7 mpg
​41-55 CO2 g/km
From 10% BIK Tax​

​The V90 T8 Recharge

​340 HP
​112.8(2.5)-141.1 mpg
​45-57 CO2 g/km
From 10% BIK Tax​

Saloon Plug-in Hybrids​                                   Enquire Here

The S60 T8 Recharge

390 HP
122.8-176.5 mpg
31-51 CO2 g/km
From 10% BIK Tax

The S90 T8 Recharge

390 HP
112.8-165.9 mpg
42-57 CO2 g/km
From 10% BIK Tax