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As a proud Volvo owner, you know there's nothing like the thrill of driving a brand new Volvo. Now when you're ready to bring home another Volvo, there's even more reason to get excited - The Volvo Loyalty Program.

Feel free to browse our current selection of Volvo loyalty offers.

xc40 ultimate

Volvo XC40 Loyalty Offer

The Award-winning Volvo XC40 Scandinavian SUV. It’s our compact SUV designed for the city and beyond. With Mild Hybrid and Plug-In Hybrid options avalible, you can choose the right XC40 for you.

Save up to £3,800 On XC40

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Xc60 Plus

Volvo XC60 Loyalty Offer

Easily incorporated into a family of five, the Volvo XC60 is a comfortable and safe SUV. It delivers an exhilarating drive with uncompromised efficiency.

Save up to £11,450 on XC60

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Xc90 Ultimate

Volvo XC90 Loyalty Offer

Our Volvo XC90 is one of the safest cars on the road. With seven individual seats, a spacious interior and loaded with the latest built in technology the XC90 will get you to where you need to be safe and comfortably.

Save up to £13,500 on XC90

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Volvo C40 & XC40 Recharge Loyalty Offers

You can now save up to £500 on a new Volvo C40 or XC40 Recharge with our latest loyalty offers. Click below for more information.

Save up to £3,550 on C40 & XC40 Recharge

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