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Your Volvo was created to make you feel connected, secure and comfortable. And now you can experience the excitement of enhanced performance. Our Polestar Optimisation software upgrade will bring heightened engine power, faster, more precise gear capability and fine-tuned throttle response

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We are sure that you will be satisfied with the benefits of Polestar Optimisation, however if for whatever reason you are not impressed, we will refund you with the removal of the enhancements within 14 days of purchase.

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Enhance your Volvo car in less than 60 minutes

Our optimisations are installed – in about an hour – by authorized Volvo Cars dealers. Your original warranty and service intervals are unaffected, as are fuel consumption and emission levels (g/km).

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Throttle response has been calibrated to respond more quickly to driver commands - something that gives higher precision and better feel.
The automatic gearbox changes gears more quickly to both improve acceleration and to better respond to the driver's commands, e.g. downshifts before overtaking.
The gears are calibrated to exploit the engine's improved mid-range performance. The gearbox also avoids changes when cornering at high g-forces (where possible) for improved stability.
We have concentrated the power where it is needed most - in the mid-range; perfect for overtaking or when on a busy motorway. Combined with faster throttle response and gear changes this makes the car significantly more dynamic to drive.
Polestar have introduced an “Over boost” function for the D5 engine that provides an additional +20nm Torque and +15hp power for up to 20 seconds. This additional power and torque is over and above the already increased output
This feature is included in all new optimisations for AWD vehicles. The upgrade increases torque distribution to the rear wheels of Volvo cars equipped with all-wheel drive (AWD), for more dynamic driving.