Volvo V90 - The Iconic Estate Built For The Perfect Adventure.

The Volvo V90 provides all the comfort, technology and style you need.

Built for adventure, crafted for comfort. The Volvo V90 offers sophisticated versatility. If you're looking for a V90 for immediate delivery we have a selection of used cars, covered by the Volvo Selekt warranty.

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The V90 is a great choice if you are caught between finding a stylish car offering a huge smartly designed interior with a minimalist look and a big boot for an adventure or a cruise. So, it is a perfect option for long commutes and family road trips.

The strengths of the V90 lies in its cabin and cruising refinement. The interior is roomy enough for five adults, superbly finished with leather upholstery with a clean, uncluttered fascia that’s easy to use. The seats are very comfortable, the steering is light, and the engine is punchy, this takes the stress out of long trips. On the move, the D5 diesel engine is a refined cruiser, even when you’re pushing along at motorway speeds.

The V90 reflects a different approach to premium big cars with relatively small-capacity four-cylinder, turbo charged petrol and diesel engines instead of a big V6. With hybrid options are available the V90 is a great choice for efficiency. There’s even a rugged V90 cross- country version with enough off-road ability to make a five seat SUV largely redundant.


Explore The Features Of The Volvo V90

Bowers and Wilkins high-fidelity audio system Thrilling sound reproduction

Designed for those who seek excellence in sound performance. This 1,460W high-end optional audio system brings exceptional clarity and realism to your music, optimising detail and resolution and letting you hear a song as the artist originally intended.

Become a musician

With inbuilt 19 precisely tuned high-fi speakers and an innovative fresh-air subwoofer tailored to your Volvo’s cabin architecture deliver impressive surround-sound no matter where you are sitting. A full musical experience you can truly feel. Car karaoke has gotten even better so be ready to sing your lungs out when in the V90.

Choose your room

Unique ‘Room Transformation’ technology recreates the acoustics of a specific room. Choose from four different ‘Room Modes,’ including ‘Studio,’ ‘Individual Stage’, ‘Concert Hall’ and ‘Jazz Club’.

Volvo V90

Inbuilt Technology

Inside, Volvo’s gone its own way, too. Using design elements shared with the XC90, the V90 is light and airy, and offered in some very interesting colour/material combinations. In many respects it’s a more comprehensively designed interior experience than those rivals offer. The large central touchscreen that replaces many of the buttons is in portrait orientation rather than landscape format, and the latest models have a very high-level of Google integration.

Best-in-class navigation

The iPad style interface the V90 offers is intuitive, operating climate, in-car settings connectivity and audio with support for apps like Spotify. Navigation is standard and includes a comprehensive European maps, automatic rerouting and traffic update that helps you reach your destination with less hassle.

Google Assistant

Stay connected to your digital life, Talk to Google in your V90 Recharge for hands-free help. Easily get directions, enjoy entertainment and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues – just say “Hey Google” to get started. The V90 recharge lets you enjoy apps and services that can make every journey more entertaining and convenient.

Volvo V90

Assisted Safety. Drive with a more relaxed mind.

The way the V90 drives is individual as well. We love to call it the ‘Relaxed Confidence’ and its such a refreshing change from having to drive in fear and anxiety. Now, you can take deep breaths and the V90 will help you get to you destination safely.

Ease stress in busy traffic

Our blind spot information system (BLIS) provides active support when changing lanes. If there is a risk of collision with other vehicles in the adjacent lane, BLIS can subtly adjust steering, helping keep you, your car and your loved ones right where you mean to be.

Volvo V90
Volvo V90
Volvo 90

Detects and corrects drifting

If you start drifting across the centre line, there is always a chance of a collision with an oncoming vehicle. Your car can detect this and correct the steering, helping you back to a safer position on the road.

Avoid collisions

Day or night, our intelligent safety assistance technology can help you detect and avoid other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and large animals. It does this by first warning the driver then autobraking if the driver fails to react.

360° parking view

With four cameras providing a 360° view and flank sensors increasing awareness of objects at the side of the car, our system can help you park confidently even in confined spaces.

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Elegant design The V90 is an estate car of character and sophistication, balancing pure Scandinavian design with purpose
Iconic practicality Based on Volvos iconic estate design, the V90 has space for every kind of adventure.
Pilot assist Pilot Assist is a comfort function that can provide you with steering assistance and help you to maintain the distance to the vehicle in front of you.