All new plug-in hybrids come with


Reduce your carbon footprint with a new Volvo plug-in hybrid and get cash back you for the electricity used all year*

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Save when you switch to electric

To incentivise reducing carbon emissions and fuel consumption, we are offering all our customers free electricity for an entire year with the purchase of a new Volvo plug-in hybrid. Your cash reimbursement will be calculated based on the kilowatt hours used while driving on electricity, from May 2020 till May 2021. The amount will be based off the average consumer price of electricity in the UK.

- Valid for orders placed from 16th October 2019 and 6 months ahead.
- Only applicable if you keep the car for at least 12 months
- The monetary reimbursment is made via the Volvo On Call app
- You are responsible for potential tax benefit implications

Track your progress in the app

You can track how much electricity you have used, how far you have travelled in electric mode and much more within the Volvo On Call app and you will receive your cashback via the app.

Volvo On Call is also a tool that gives you the ability to remotely start the engine of your vehicle, track journeys, lock and unlock your car and most importantly will automatically call Volvo's emergency line in a collision situation or when the SOS button is pressed by an occupant.

Download the Volvo On Call app here


Hybrids cost less to run

A petrol or Diesel car may cost you between 12p - 21p per mile on fuel. Getting used to routeenly charging your hybrid car gives you daily savings - particulally on short commutes, like your morning trip to work or the school run.

  • Volvo model

    XC40 T5 Twin Engine
    Cost to charge*

    Electric only mileage range**

    Cost per electric mile***

    XC60 T8 Twin Engine £1.32 33.6 3.9p
    XC90 T8 Twin Engine £1.32 28.6 4.6p
    S60 T8 Twin Engine £1.32 36.0 3.7p
    S90 T8 Twin Engine £1.32 35.4 3.7p
    V60 T8 Twin Engine £1.32 36.7 3.6p
    V90 T8 Twin Engine £1.32 35.4 3.7p

*Based on the average cost of electricity per kWh, 14.37p. May vary depending on your electricity rate **Depending on, amongst other things, driving style, temperature and climate, normal range for electric mode is as above. Specification dependent. ***Rounded up to the nearest decimal.


50% of Volvo Cars’ sales volume will be fully electric by 2025​.

1 Million

Volvo Cars has committed to putting one million electrified cars on the road by 2025.


Every car launched from 2019 onwards will be electrified in some form.​

What is a PHEV?

PHEV stands for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle. This means the car has a battery capable of powering the car solely from the battery, the combustion engine or both at the same time. The Volvo T8 engines are all plug in hybrids available to buy new or used.

Driving a hybrid Volvo is an experience; 0-60 mph can be done in as little as 4.2 seconds (S60). The transfer from the electric power to liquid fuel is seamless, charge can be restored from braking and reserved when requested.

The Volvo XC90 T8 has been awarded the Whatcar? Plug-in Hybrid car of the year 2019. Yet another one for the XC90's shelf of awards!

Book a test drive today, we have a range of PHEVs charged and ready to go.

What is a mild hybrid?

An advanced kinetic energy recovery braking system, coupled with an existing internal combustion engine create a new electrified powertrain, known as a mild hybrid.

These cars store energy that would usually be lost when braking and use it to power a 48-volt battery that supports the load on the diesel engine, thus reducing emissions when setting off.

Auto engine start stop is a much smoother process with this technology along with a more linear power delivery and are a less expensive alternative to a full PHEV

We have offers across the range and we are here to help find the best offer for you. We can also tailor a finance solution for you and also organise your part exchange. Please contact us for more information on our great range of offers. Send an Enquiry


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Free electricity We'll refund you for all the electricity your PHEV uses over the year via the Volvo On Call app.
Emission-free travel Our plug-in hybrid electric vehicles are capable of zero-emission travel in PURE drive mode
Powerful drivetrains Volvo plug-in hybrids deliver around 400 bhp and 0-60 can take as little as 4.4 seconds