Volvo SUV Electric, What are the options and which one is for you?

Are you considering a Volvo SUV Electric but unsure where to start? This article provides advice, real world examples as well as links to other pages with detailed information.

What Volvo SUV Electric models are available?

We have a variety of Volvo SUV's available to suit your needs. Each model has different electrification options available to fit your needs.

Volvo SUV Electric XC40 in Crystal White

Volvo XC40

​Our compact Scandinavian SUV. With all the practical features of one of our larger models, while maintaining a compact size. It's designed for the city and beyond.

Experience the Scandinavian cabin. Carefully selected materials and large amounts of natural light thanks to the large panoramic roof. The interior is also incredibly spacious, with smart storage space for daily use. It’s a must experience for a test drive. 

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Volvo SUV Electric XC60 MY22

Volvo XC60

Our midsize SUV. Delivering dynamic performance and an agile, powerful driving experience. High tech safety features come as standard. Available in low emission hybrid models.

With google now integrated, it’s smarter than ever. Best in class navigation with google integrated into the car. Your favourite apps can be integrated into the vehicle for convenience. It’s like your smartphone, but bigger.

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Volvo SUV Electric XC90 in Thunder Grey

Volvo XC90

Our premium family SUV. The family choice that’s safe, and stunning. With its impressive list of features and a unique blend of technology, efficiency, style and safety.

7 seats as standard with space for wherever life takes you. With fine Nappa leather for extra comfort. It’s a vehicle that doesn’t compromise on safety, using the highest percentage of boron steel than any other vehicle on sale. This is the strongest steel used in the auto industry. It’s also packed with passive safety features, using the latest technology for collision avoidance.

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Volvo SUV Electric  Volvo SUV Range

Choosing the right hybrid type for your Volvo SUV electric

When it comes to Volvo hybrid we have two types available to choose from. These are Mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid. 

Plug in hybrid delivers an all electric range. 

Mild hybrid uses an electric motor to support the engine and reduce emissions. 

You can learn more about Volvo electric car options, and the difference between mild and plug-in hybrid below. 

Volvo Electric cars

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